the way we experience healthcare.

Immersive environments

  1. To provide remote assistance to patients, or provide remote assistance to rural environments where urgent physical medical assistance is difficult.
  2. Training with immersive spaces to simulate real-life situations, interacting with digital twins of healthcare devices.

Social medical

  1. Interrelation of all types of healthcare professionals with each other and with patients.
  2. To provide assistance between professionals with different specialities or experience.

Healthy commercial opportunities

  1. Positioning health service companies and enabling them to showcase and offer their services in an organised and unified environment. As a city of health services or pharmaceuticals.

We are

the medical METAVERSE.

Consultation, therapies & rehabilitations

  1. Remote assistance to patients.
  2. Therapies
  3. Any interrelation of all types of healthcare professionals with each other and with patients.

Cloud Service

  1. Reliable and secure recording of information about:  Health activity information, monitoring of patients, monitoring of pharmacological treatments.

Resource management system

  1. Meeting rooms for medical teams.
  2. Congress and exhibition halls.
  3. Multidisciplinary medical assistance rooms anywhere in the world.
  4. Management of emergency services.

Metamultiple Project

Ribera Salud & Hospiland

Implement the Hospiland platform in the SHH Digital Unit, which will include an interactive virtual environment designed specifically for patients with multiple myeloma.

– 20 patients.

Integration of Asus devices for patient and vital signs monitoring.

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